Karly Hoffman's 2023 Developer Portfolio


I started out as a web editor where I gained experience writing and organizing content for a large e-commerce company.

I loved using HTML and CSS for the day-to-day tasks so I decided to enroll in a coding bootcamp to learn more programming languages.

Now I work at a design studio where I specialize in frontend development and enjoy building quality websites.

"Something Like A War" by Kindness
"Let The Festivities Begin!" by Los Bitchos
"New Long Leg" by Dry Cleaning
"Before I Die" by Park Hye Jin
"Space 1.8" by Nala Sinephro
"Worshipper" by Peeling
"Joy as an Act of Resistance" by IDLES
"Mystic Braves" by Mystic Braves
"Spirit Tamer" by Mia Joy
"... EP" by Mandy Indiana
"Psychotropic" by Los Tones


  • SCSS
  • SVG & CSS Animations
  • UI Development
  • Responsive Styling
  • ES6+
  • React
  • Next.js
  • GSAP